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Tara Watson

Broken and Beloved

Not that I need another show to binge watch, but This Is Us on NBC has to be one of the most touching shows on television right now. I cry every single episode. Every.single.episode. What really gets me is the way the show covers the most delicate family dynamics with a little bit of humor…

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Seeking With Intention

It’s a little after 10pm and I hear a light rap on my bedroom door, “Mom can I come in” my daughter asks. She’s coming in to return my blouse she had borrowed to wear to work because all of her clothes were packed away. She’s got it all wrinkled up, holding it tight to…

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Beautiful Messes

When you were a kid did you ever arm or thumb wrestle only to be released from your opponent’s tight grasp by screaming Uncle or Mercy? Or is this just what us country folk with an address of RD#4 (rural delivery house 4) did for fun? No one wanted to be the person to give…

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Washed Clean

As a little girl, I always loved going through the automatic car wash. I was fascinated with how the soap bubbles looked as they slowly slipped down the windshield. The splashes of soapy colors, swirling and ever changing. I’d squint my eyes and use my imagination, making images out of the bubbles. [pullquote width=”300″ float=”right”]I’ve…

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