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Tina Kachmar

Divinely Unexpected

When I sit in silence and think about what my life is right now, a good word to describe it would definitely be “unexpected”. I ponder what things were like as I headed into one of my very own life storms. It was ugly. People were ugly. I was ugly. The people squatting in my…

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Fasting According to Isaiah 58

Isaiah 58

I was absolutely clueless what I would write about this month.  “Fasting” is not something I’ve ever taken part in.  At least, not that I’ve been aware of. But then I started my Lent devotions and am studying through a Wonderous Encounters: Scripture for Lent by Richard Rohr.   The day I was going to email Jen…

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My Long Relationship with Stillness

Bring to me the stillness, Lord, that yesterday I dread So many years spent cursing quiet, being stuck in my own head Berating and abusing the one I should be lifting up How’d I end up in that dark place, who handed me this cup? Ripped and shredded, I reached within He trimmed and smoothed…

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Percy the Puny Poinsettia

God loves the forgotten

If you know me, you know that I have OCD.  Obsessive Christmas Disorder.  I love Christmas more than most things.  I love the sparkle and the happy people.  I love decorating and the music.  Mostly I love it because it is one of the rare memories I hold of happy days in my adolescence.  It…

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