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I had initially planned to write something a little more spiritual since I seek clarity rather frequently. However, God said, “No.” I said, “Yes!” Then, God said, “I said NO!” God and I have these moments and He usually wins because I don’t want to visit a valley or wilderness experience unnecessarily. My spirit said that someone, somewhere, needed a real life view on clarity from a different angle, so here it goes.

Often times we tend to get comfortable where we are in life. Things seem to be going well despite the twists and turns that come; they are par for the course right? Well, perhaps, but not always true. On this walk, I have learned to look at each situation that comes, positive or negative, as a lesson to be learned to help me grow and further mature as a believer. I know in my heart of hearts that I was born to be a teacher. Every job I have had has always rendered me in a teaching position of some sort. I accepted those roles as they came. Through them I learned how to meet people where they were, remain humble and never judge or criticize others for what they did not know.

Two years ago, I knew that working for Child Protective Services was not conducive to being a single mom. The hours were long, the pay was horrible and the expectations were great. I prayed and asked God for guidance and direction. That if it were His will, a teaching job would come available so I could enjoy being a mom and have the time to spend with my youngest two sons. I prayed that prayer for a month and was clear, asked boldly, knowing what I needed, wanted and why. God opened a door, showed that He was in the answering business and that my wish/desire/want/need was in alignment with His will for my life (John 1:3). A teaching job came available at a school that was not on the list of schools I was told to contact. Talk about God being on the case, that position became available two days prior to my interview (James 1:17).

Therefore, you can imagine my surprise a week ago when I was ushered to the principal’s office. Once there, I learned that because of budget cuts, tenure, content area and not being certified, I would be one of eight teachers let go at the end of the school year. That if someone left the English department, I would be brought back. In either instance, there was a guaranteed job provided I became certified. I felt the air knocked out of me as tears began to swell on the brim of my eyes; I dared not let them fall right then. The realization hit me — I had gotten comfortable where I was. That moment sent me to seek the face of God to gain clarity on the situation and the direction He wants me to go in. I knew I was taking the certification exam in a month’s time and would pass it this time around, however, ALL kinds of thoughts were running through my mind. I have a home to run. Kids to provide for. Bills to pay. Do I re-enter corporate America? God allowed me to fret for 24 hours. Once He had my attention, He told me to be still (Psalm 46:10) and recognize that He has the final say in all things. That as a believer, I cannot afford to get comfortable in anything.

I accepted the reality that there was a technical snafu that prevented me from registering for that exam sooner; something outside of my control. Then getting caught up in the whirlwind of paying bills and meeting the kids’ needs, once the issue was fixed, there was no money to register for the exam. What I did not know was that God was going to teach a lesson through this situation (James 1:2-4). When my mind and spirit were quieted down, I gained clarity in knowing that as a believer I can’t worry about anything because God knows the need before I do (Philippians 4:6-7; Matthew 6:8, 10:29-31). That as my Creator, He knew the day would come when I would be ushered into the principal’s office and that conversation would take place (Romans 8:28). He knows the road this journey will cross. My responsibility in it is to keep my mind clear by meditating on His promises (Romans 11:29; Isaiah 41:10, 43:2; Psalm 91:14; Jeremiah 1:5; Romans 11:29). God has permitted every situation we encounter to grow our faith in Him and mature us as His children so that we can become more like Him (Job1:12; 1 Peter 4:19). Trust His process and fill your heart with every promise our Father has made to us. I do not know how He will work this situation out for me; however, I know He will according to His will and purpose for my life.

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  1. Gretchen on May 31, 2017 at 8:46 AM

    Praying for your daily bread, and for His protection and provision, Denise. Must’ve been such a shock. Hugs. Brava for stepping out of the boat in faith.

  2. Jen on May 31, 2017 at 1:01 PM

    Your faith in the face of adversity has always been inspiring. If nothing else, you’ve shown me that when you wait on God He does amazing things!

  3. Diane Tarantini on June 5, 2017 at 10:20 AM

    Way to know your scripture, Denise!

    “I have learned to look at each situation that comes, positive or negative, as a lesson to be learned to help me grow and further mature as a believer.” I love this line, this philosophy. It ensures that nothing in our life is wasted, even if it’s uncomfortable!

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