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Posts Tagged ‘contentment’

Content in the Chaos

Beth Bingaman

My Mother used to quote this little poem:  If you and I were to hang our dirty laundry on the line, you’d take yours and I’d take mine. It looked like a bomb had gone off in the living room. Blocks in the form of a fort, Legos everywhere, a Sippy cup on its side…

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Personal Ads

Seeking: A shorter evening commute. Must not involve the American Legion Memorial Bridge, since accidents before and after it contribute to at least a 25 minute delay every single evening, according to Google Maps. Preferably does not involve the Capital Beltway at all, in any direction, for any amount of time, but a little bit…

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Slowing Down To Celebrate

I am a girl who always looks at things and sees how they can be improved. It suits me well in my career as a consultant. I can walk right in a room and easily notice all the things that can be better- there needs to be an outlet cover on that plug, that stack…

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