Just a Porch Light

Rachel Ellis

It only took a porch light. My two year old son spends hours on our front porch. He plays with his cars, races tiny tyke vehicles with his baby sister, and watches the wide variety of birds adorning the pine trees across the street. It’s a tiny patch of green indoor-outdoor in our almost heaven…

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And He Told Me Not To Fear

Natalie Liounis

When people ask me why bad things happen to good people, I tell them the truth: I have no idea. That’s just life, I guess. God sees things we don’t, and His Will is always perfect. I also offer the following thought: If we never have darkness, we’ll never appreciate the light. My year, up until…

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Remembering What I Learned

The mid to late 90’s were a wonderful time for me of learning and growing into my Christian faith. I attended Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) faithfully. My husband and I were members of a vibrant Christian church dedicated to following Jesus in a way we both had never experienced before. I was also involved in…

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