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Posts Tagged ‘waiting’

On Letting Go

Natalie Liounis

I recently described my current relationship with God as a game of freeze tag. He’s “it,” and I’m running. Because if I allow Him to catch me, I’m afraid I’ll be stuck somewhere my flesh doesn’t want to be, even though it’s something my soul longs for. He is chasing me with living water to…

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Waiting: An Exercise of Hope

The sermon was on Matthew 25. It is the parable of the three men who received three differing amounts of talents from the master who was leaving on a trip. Rather than go down the path of talking about how we should wisely use our talents or money, the pastor took a unique take on…

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Grace Enough to Wait

Last year, in the spring and summer, I remember writing such optimistic posts. I was finally settling down in one city. I was finally looking for a full-time job. I finally got a full-time job. I finally got a dog. I was finally becoming a real adult. Things were really great. And, to be honest,…

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