The Order Within Chaos

Have you ever been astonished at a meaningful coincidence, a moment of order in the midst of chaos?

Synchronicity is one of the ways God speaks to me and reassures me of his elegant, interconnected plan for creation. It’s one of my favorite topics to ponder and discuss. In fact, it’s one of only two things I give my students permission to shout out in class. (The other is: “Revelation!”)

Synchronicity is a complicated concept introduced by the psychologist Carl Jung. (It’s also a pretty good song by The Police.) The phenomenon can be best boiled down as “meaningful coincidences,” with emphasis on the “meaningful.” Coincidences will occur in the swirling mayhem of the universe. But synchronicity is incredible, unexplainable order in the midst of chaos. Little miracles with no logical explanation. Some people call them “God moments”. The Lord will sometimes use synchronicity to speak to my heart and my mind.

It really gets my attention because God is order. In the beginning, He ordered the chaos, creating earth from empty, formless, darkness. He fine-tuned creation in staggering detail, from the least to the greatest, from micro to macro. We see His design as stark contrast against chaos. He initially gave us an orderly garden. Sin introduced chaos, but God calls us back to order—the paradise of eternal life with Him. So order always appeals to us. It reminds us of our beginnings and our destination.

And while He’s restoring order, we get to play a small part in His work. He delights in our participation. When I open myself up to paying attention to His cues, I get synchronicities. Like a series of unrelated people throughout my day, all bringing the same message. Or when I’m weighing a decision, flip on the radio, and the singer belts out the solution. I’ve even found unexpected items that serve as clues, pointing me to the next step I should take.

It sounds far out, huh? But that’s exactly why it affects me. I’m a skeptic, like doubting Thomas. Poor Thomas, he gets such a bad rap! There are some things we just can’t believe without some irrefutable evidence. Well, when our internal selves come face-to-face with an external miracle—there’s no room left for doubt. I don’t know what it’s like to be in Thomas’s place, to have the resurrected Christ appear physically right before me. But I can tell you what it’s like to have impossible circumstances manifest at meaningful moments.

So while some choose to believe “the universe” is trying to tell them something, I’ll believe it’s the Father interacting with his children. And I’ll be listening.

Does God ever speak to you in meaningful coincidences? Where have you noticed His patterns?


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  1. Sarah Robinson on June 8, 2018 at 8:28 AM

    I’ll be listening too. Eyes wide open, so as not to miss those divine appointments.
    When I observe a troup of professional ballerinas or Scottish cloggers, their timing is so satisfying.
    Even a busy, seasoned restaurant staff, when they serve, clear tables, bring the check…I can marvel at their dance, like a well-oiled machine.
    As we continue the timing dance with our Savior, letting Him lead, the transition from this life to the next will be the encore.

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